JORD Watch Review

Up until a few years ago I wouldn’t have classed myself a ‘watch’ kind of person, by which I mean I wasn’t overly fussed by expensive ones. Having said that, I never leave the house without a watch purely to a) make sure I‘m not late, and b) so I can keep track whilst running – I’d feel naked without one.

JORD watches are a Swiss American company that make custom-sized wooden watches. Prior to these, I’d never seen wooden watches – you’ll normally find me scrolling through Garmin’s watch specifications working out which watch to recommend to an athletic friend in need of advice. The JORD wooden watches are hand made specifically to fit your wrist.


JORD contacted me last month and asked how I’d feel about reviewing one of their speciality watches, and as you can expect, naturally this got me incredibly – and probably a little too – excited! Browsing through their website it became apparent to me that these watches really are one-of-a-kind. The unique choice of wood, watch face and style made it incredibly difficult to choose a favourite.

The watch that eventually stood out among the rest was the Frankie Zebrawood and Champagne Watch. 


This colour of this watch is BEAUTIFUL and the watch face itself watch is so quirky – I’ve never worn anything like it. The colour goes just perfectly with a pair of black jeans, baggy jumper and a pair of Timberlands.

Especially at this time of year, with the crisp golden leaves on the ground and beautiful parks, it just fits perfectly. If I’m ever seen not wearing running kit (which isn’t often if I’m honest – it’s just too comfy) then I’m bound to be wearing this. One thing that stood out to me was the weight of the watch – it is so light. Considering it is made of wood I had expected something a lot heavier, but the fact it is so light makes it a lot nicer to wear.

The watch fits to the wrist by a sturdy metal clasp which is really easy to do up one-handed, especially in a hurry!


With Christmas just around the corner it makes such a lovely gift idea, these watches come in a range of styles (check out their website here) so that you can find one to match your individual character.


JORD have kindly set me up a giveaway for all my readers – click on the link here and enter your email address to get $25 off one of these watches! What makes it even better is that everyone’s a winner – which doesn’t happen very often! Treat a loved one, or yourself if you’re that obsessed(!), to a watch – they really do make the perfect gift.


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