Review: ENERTOR™ Insoles

ENERTOR™ insoles are made using D3O® Technology and are endorsed by Usain Bolt. They are designed to enhance performance and provide superb cushioning to reduce injury risk and increase the comfort of the shoes.

They are capable of aiding muscular function using the orthoitc support that they offer, ENERTORclaim them to be totally unique from any other insoles.
With my running background full of injuries I was offered the chance to give these insoles a go! I’m currently making the transition from road running to cross country (my season will start late as I’ve had an injury) and therefore I first used ENERTOR™ in my spikes. They are made in individual sizes so took their advice and ordered the size up so I could trim them down.
Personally I have never worn insoles, so although they took no time at all to get used to, they did feel a little strange at first. The orthotics are not totally flat as they are designed to put pressure on different areas of your foot whilst you run. After wearing them a few times in my spikes, I gave them a go on the road. My road shoes are a slightly larger fit than the spikes but I didn’t notice myself slipping at all once I’d put the insoles in.
Over the last 2 weeks I have felt a difference in the way my feet feel after running; normally post-session they’ll feel quite tight and worn out. After wearing these I noticed a significant reduction in the ‘ache’ which must have been down to the insoles. I plan on wearing them to race in January as I’ve been so pleased with how I’ve got on with them so far!
Some facts quoted by ENERTOR™:
“Many people could see a difference by using orthotic inserts, which are designed to treat foot function problems, reduce injury and make the wearer feel more comfortable by altering the angles at which the foot interacts with the ground and upper body. Multiple studies conducted in a number of countries point to the fact that up to 70% of people would benefit from some sort of orthotic insole. For sufferers of issues like arthritis, orthotics have been shown to correct muscle movement and reduce joint loading.No matter your walk of life, orthotics could help you perform better, hurt less, and live happier.”

To order these insoles please check out the website ENERTOR™ here. To get £10 off, use the discount code: BETH10


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