New Year Fit Gift Guide

As 2016 comes to a close naturally we have all started to reflect on the amazing things we have been up to this year. There have been a mixture of experiences that we’d love to repeat and repeat day-in-day-out, but there have also been a few events that have once again highlighted to us just how precious life is.

I have started to set long and short term goals for the year, plan adventures to take place throughout 2017 and also think about what I’ll do differently this year.

PC: Eliot Finch Photography / Wearing: Karrimor Lite Run Jacket

I have decided to round up my favourite products from this last month to give you my ‘New Year Fit Gift Guide’. Whether you’re a gym goer or runner, foodie or fashionista, male or female; there’s something for you. Give your 2017 a kick start with some of these!


Nutri Ninja

The Nutri Ninja blenders are the next biggest gadget that you need in your kitchen. As well as being uber powerful, they’re reliable and easy to wash up! They will mix anything from nuts to make nut butter, frozen bananas to make nice cream, or egg whites for meringue nets!

These blenders are made in a range of sizes/powers, so dependent on your budget and ideal use there will be one for you! I’ve used the AutoIQ and the Duo and I will never look back! Click here to have a look at their website.


Pip and Nut Almond Butter (Holland and Barrett)

If you have been a follower of mine for some time, you’ll know my relationship with nut butters has gone beyond safe. The discovery of a new nut butter is dangerous, especially for my bank balance. Although Pip & Nut haven’t been around that long, they have now got their products into Holland and Barrett. As soon as I heard 1kg tubs were on the way it’s safe to say I was more than excited…!! Their peanut/almond/cashew butter is the creamiest smooth nut butter you will EVER find. It’s perfect for drizzling and baking, eating from the spoon or for dipping apple chunks in. They even produce sachets which are super convenient for when you’re out! Check them out at H&B here.


Enertor Insoles

ENERTOR™ insoles are made using D3O® Technology and are endorsed by Usain Bolt. They are designed to enhance performance and provide superb cushioning to reduce injury risk and increase the comfort of the shoes.

They are capable of aiding muscular function using the orthoitc support that they offer, ENERTORclaim them to be totally unique from any other insoles. To read my full review and order your own pair (with a cheeky discount code too), click here.


ActivBod Towel (with zip pocket)

I absolutely LOVE my ActivBod towel. Not only does it have a zip pocket to store keys/gym cards and snack bars, but it also has an elastic tag that makes it easy to hang from things. I’ve been using mine for about a year now and have found it so much more absorbent than any other towel that I have taken to the gym – it is also bright green so you’re far less likely to pick up someone else’s in a hurry! Click here to go to the ActivBod Website.


Bean Body Coffee Scrub

I get through endless amounts of shower gel and body scrub which means I tend to end up buying them when they’re on special offer. However, this is one of the only occasions I have given in and paid that little bit extra. Having tried a sample amount of this coffee scrub and finding it SO effective I found it on BOGOF and couldn’t resist getting more. Although it is very fragrant (I’m not overly keen on coffee), it leaves you with smooth skin like no other scrub. If you’ve got some Christmas money to spend I’d highly recommend giving this a go!!! Find it in Holland and Barrett here.


Nike Epic Lux Shorts (with zip pocket)

These Nike shorts are currently my favourite. I have a fair few pairs of athletic shorts, but unlike most, these come down low enough to look ‘decent’ in public, have a VERY useful zip pocket at the back and have a high waistband to keep them up! The shorts are also made to prevent chaffering which makes them super comfy for everyone. Click here.


Myprotein Whey Crispies

Myprotein recently released a new range of snacks, these whey protein crispies were included. They come in a 500g or 1.5kg bag and contain roughly 50% protein (with the added bonus that they are also gluten free). Whether you’re making chocolate crispy cakes, topping your smoothie bowl or just fancy a snack, you need to try these! They’re also unflavoured which makes them perfect for using alongside any other flavour! Check them out here. (BETHH10 will get you 10% off).


The Organic Protein Company Whey

When it comes to protein, I am quite particular. I don’t just eat every type of protein powder I’m given. As well as being gluten free, I try and make sure I only use protein powders that have been made using the purest ingredients that come from a trustworthy source. This particular protein has 1 ingredient; organic whey protein. It mixes like no other and is totally unflavoured which makes it more versatile. To order some, click here. (BETHRUN5 gets you a discount).


Best Wishes for 2017!


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