My top 8 inspirational travel instagrammers

My ultimate dream is to travel the world – this may be a tad ambitious, but as someone once told me, if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Instagram is one of the platforms where I get my travelling enthusiasm from – about a quarter of the accounts I follow are travellers, travel bloggers and accounts showing beautiful photos from around the globe.  I’ve rounded up my favourite travelling Instagram accounts below if you’d like some travel inspo too!

  1. @dametraveler – #dametraveler’s photography is incredible. She takes breathtaking photos and isn’t short of iconic photos.
  2. @suitcaseandi – I absolutely love the mountains and currently Chelsie is trekking through Peru where she is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.
  3. @nastasiaspassport  – I love the style of all Nastasia’s photos, all unique but well set up.
  4. @gypsea_lust – this is probably my all time favourite Instagram account. I rarely go a day without seeing one of her photos and dreaming that one day I might visit the beautiful place where the photo was taken.
  5. @worldwanderlust– another one of my favourite accounts purely for her style. She also visit’s some spectacular places and is always fill of inspiration.
  6. @girlsborntotravel – this account is an account that shares photos from 
  7. @polkadotpassport – Nicola’s creativity is second-to-none, her photos are incredible and her blog is also fantastic!
  8. @theblondeabroad – Alongside her Instagram, Kiersten also vlogs and blogs all her experiences! Well worth a visit if you’re in need of some new destination locations!

If you were given a trip of a lifetime tomorrow for free, where would you go?

B xxx

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