Why would you visit a ski resort in the summer?!

Twice now I have visited a ski resort in the summer. To most, this seems rather bizarre. Ski resorts…are for skiing, right?


Most of us picture ski resorts plastered in snow, Christmas lights and full of amateur skiers having their annual Christmas break. Well, it’s not winter all year round and there are in fact mountains that lay beneath that snow. When it warms up and summer comes around these beautiful mountains are exposed and the resort completely changes.


After various trips to the mountains, both in the UK and abroad, I was quite excited about the prospect of going to a ski resort in Austria during the summer. Now obviously we wouldn’t be skiing, but there is so so much to do instead. We visited the town of Mayrhofen, a 2 hour coach journey from Innsbruck.

Temperatures during the day sat around 30oC and towards the peaks of the mountains dropped to around 17-20oC.


Just a few things you can do in the mountains:

  • Climb the mountains, or part of them. Ski lifts still run (which does feel very strange) so you can easily get a lift half way up and climb the rest.
  • Find a roller-coaster. Yes, a roller-coaster. We were lucky enough to find a roller-coaster down one of the mountains a few towns away from us which was pretty awesome.
  • Visit an outdoor pool! Temperatures do get surprisingly high and everyone loves a day by the pool!
  • Explore the town. Just like any other town, ski resort towns have shops too. Meals out allowed us to enjoy the culture too.
  • Go paragliding! One of the main sports in the mountains during the summer other than mountain biking is paragliding. Although it’s far from cheap, it’s an incredible once in a lifetime experience!

Another benefit of visiting a ski resort during the summer is that you’re well fed. They’re used to catering for very active individuals and the never-ending food doesn’t stop when summer comes along. Dinner regularly had 5 or 6 courses!!


The sights are also incredible. Think about how beautiful the mountains look dusted in snow, and how they’d look full of bright colours, crystal blue lakes and green grass. Mayrhofen is definately worth looking into if you’ve never been (I’m not joking, we loved it enough to go again the following year!).


Have you ever been to a ski area during the summer?


B xxx

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