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New Balance Kit

As autumn caves in and evenings get darker, the temperatures have started to lower and we’ve had our first few frosts. Morning and evening runs are getting chilly to say the least and my latest kit favourites are from New Balance. Not only is the colour scheme faaaaantastic, but it’s super comfy. The leggings have a high drawstring waist band and the lower leg is mesh to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when you heat up.

The trainers are probably my favourite part – they are lightweight, go with almost anything and are cushioned well around the forefoot. The kit can be found here.

Aftershokz Wireless Earphones

It was only recently that I started to listen to music on the run and in the gym and it was clear that finding a pair of earplugs/headphones to fit me was not easy. I came across Aftershokz initially in a running store over the summer and decided to give them a go. They don’t actually sit in your ear which allows you to still hear traffic and those around you, they’re wireless which means no wires flapping around (wooo!!) and they’re waterproof (perfect for heavy sweaters or runs in the rain!). They also don’t flap around or move once on the head which makes them perfect for people that ‘bob’ whilst running! The Aftershokz range can be found here.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Until recently, I’ve been a Garmin girl. I went from the FR85 to the FR220 to the FR235 over very little time. However, now that I am less focussed on the running and mix up my fitness routine both in the gym and on the roads it seemed a great time to try out a different brand. This Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR looks dashing and I love the clock face feature. With smart watch features, an amazing gps feature and clear display I’ve fallen for it. I honestly had no idea how I would find this watch but it has exceeded expectations massively. It records heart rate via an LED on the back of the watch face and has different settings for different activities (including weightlifting!!). If you’re a fitness guru I’d definitely recommend giving this watch a go!

Metal Straws

It’s been increasingly in the news lately about the damage caused by plastic. Zanna Van Dijk is also very hot on this and after following her social channels for a few years now I decided to join the hype and invest in some metal straws. They’re not cheap…£15 for 4, but they’re reusable and look pretty sick. They come with a handy little cleaner and they’ve won me over. The metal straws I got were from Urban Outfitters although they are sold in most main supermarkets.



Sport FX Cosmetics Face Mist

Put your hand up if you struggle with the make-up/dripping/sweat fiasco🙋‍♀️🏃‍♀️ As gross as it is, people sweat when they hit the gym. It happens. It happens to all of us. [Most] girls also wear make up. We all know the equation👉 sweat + make up = ✋🐼💦🙈 Now I recently came across this new make up brand designed specifically for those into sport @sportfxcosmetics as I'd seen the likes of @chessiekingg using and ravinggg🤹‍♂️🎉about it. Soooo I gave it a go. THIS SETTING SPRAY IS THE BEST THING EVER🥇 If you wear make up to the gym or not this spray is so good at keeping it all on your face and not running down your neck🙈😂 Give it a go~you won't regret it😉 . #NOTsponsored#sportfxcosmetics#makeup#gym#sweat#girlswholift

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Well, I think my post says it all. If you want your make up to stay on and don’t fancy breaking the anyone’s bank, put this on your Christmas list 🙂


B xx

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