Three months MIA explained

I should probably start this post with an apology. Sorry. I’ve been MIA for far too long and whilst I should probably be writing my dissertation draft (which was due yesterday), I’ve decided this post was far too overdue.

Were you aware that it snowed?

So. We are a quarter of the way into 2018 and I honestly can’t tell you how fast it is going. Since returning to University I have been teaching science in an absolutely lovely Primary School in Sutton Coldfield (okay excluding the very early starts in the morning, sometimes persistant “Miss Heddle please can you do this, Miss Heddle I can’t do it, Miss Heddle I’m confused” and teacher-prep life it has been fantastic). Studying Biomedical Science I really never thought I’d end up teaching in a school on placement, but here I am after 9 weeks of teaching with oooooodles of data, memories and finally a chance to sit down and get writing on that dissertation.

Prior to injuring my hip last week I’ve spent the term focussing on leg day. Many know how much I love squats (someone the other day suggested I should change my Instagram handle to @bethheddle_squats but I think that is a tad too far!) and quite frankly I’d been having a ball in the gym. Usually I’ll train legs twice – once a heavy-weight low-rep session and the other a light-weight high-rep session, alongside a shoulder sesh once a week and a run or bike one other day. I’ve found that 4 sessions a week is quite enough whilst juggling #teacherlife and (trying to) maintain my sanity. Injuries are a way of your body asking for a rest, so that’s what is currently happening (much to my disappointment).

It was also Medball!

Obviously I still spend a large amount of time eating peanut butter, tagging people in memes and eating Ben and Jerries with Ali, but as final year draws to an end my priorities have been far more work-centred which finally explains my absence.

I have a few exciting projects lined up for Easter (alongside revision ofc lol can’t forget that) which is exciting, but until this diss is handed in, I’ll be a tad invisible. If you didn’t get involved in National Bread Week last week check out my post about gf bread!

As part of National Bread Week I joined @deliciousalchemy by making some GF bread for the first time in far too long🍞 The last time I ate homemade bread must have been when I was about 10, because back then you couldn't buy gluten free bread. I remember the dry, flat loaves my Dad and I used to make that were as white as snow and, to all my friends, pretty odd and cardboard-like. Although the GF fad is somewhat frowned upon, the one thing it has done is brought about awareness of the lack of GF food available, and as a result companies have acted on it and started producing more GF food. I have three favourite brands of GF bread – @deliciousalchemy, @bfreefoods and @warburtonsgf. I will admit GF bread will never be as good as the normal stuff, but there's no point in wishing it was better if it can't be changed. These brands have done so well to even produce bread that doesn't fall apart when a knife touches it and even for that I'm grateful❤

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Hope your 2018 has too started off with a bang!!

Much love xox

Aaaand the monthly highlight was when my favourite took me to London for the day and it was soooooo lovely ❤


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