My Top 5 Aldi Finds

Good morning/evening/whatever time it is you’re reading this. I’ve been a student for nearly 3 years now (sadly this is coming to an end v v soon) and I’ve ALWAYS been money savvy. When I first moved in to self-catered student halls we were made aware that there was both a large and small local Sainsburys, two small Tesco’s, two large Aldi’s, and large Morrisons nearby. Me being me gave all of them a shot multiple times.

I actually remember the first time I went to Aldi and found that the food a hefty sum cheaper than the other local supermarkets. I was never able to carry more than £12-15 worth of Aldi food home with me because £15 worth of food at Aldi is a rediculous amount of food (if you didn’t know). One journey home particularly springs to mind as I’d spent well over the £12-15 ‘carry-able limit’ and it took me over an hour to walk what should have taken 25 minutes – I stopped every few minutes because I really could not carry it.

Anyway, ever since first year I’ve LOVED Aldi. It’s got cheap but really good food, it’s got quirky little finds you won’t find elsewhere, it occasionally sells branded goodies a lot cheaper than it’s rivals (I think I bought about 10 tubes of ChocShot when they had it at £0.99!!) and it has a great gluten-free/free-from food selection.

Following on from my ‘Gluten-Free haul’ Vlog, I’ve collated my 5 favourite things from Aldi (aside from ye olde carrots and peanut butter which you already know I buy too much of).

Numero Uno (and 200% my favourite of the 5): Moroccan Hummus.

This stuff is amazing. I don’t really have much else to say about this other than the fact that you must get your hands on it ASAP? It is so much better than the Sainsburys equivalent, is less than £1 – I think it’s about 69p – and has a spicy curry flavour that’s not too strong and not too sweet.

Numero Dos: Cooked Chicken Breast Slices (ready to eat)

This makes the perfect addition to lunch. Grab a wrap, a packet of this chicken and some cucumber or salad and boooom a gluten free healthy lunch is served! This chicken is only £1.99, very juicy and generally great meat.

Number Three (sorry cannot remember any more Spanish…): Greek Style 0% fat Yoghurt

This yoghurt is as good as Fage. It’s about half the price and is a great source of protein. I often mix it with protein powder, frozen berries and peanut butter for an evening snack.

Number Four: Lighter Cream Cheese

This cream cheese is probably the cheapest ‘light’ cream cheese you will find – it’s 49p. It’s fab, makes a great dip for carrots (had to mention them somewhere didn’t I) and cream cheese icing as it happens! Mix them into sautèd mushrooms for a make-do stroganoff sauce.

Number Five: Butter Beans

Now yes you can find these at most supermarkets, but these taste great, aren’t covered in salty brine, and are only 33p. They make a great addition to dinner (higher in protein than chickpeas if you didn’t know) and you can eat them straight out of the jar if you fancy!


What are your favourite Aldi products?


Stay tuned for more foodie hauls to come!

B xox

PS. If you haven’t watched my snack haul..give it a watch!

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