Where did uni go?! [ft. ADEXE]

Graduation. The real world. A job. It’s suddenly all INCREDIBLY close.

I’m pretty sure that most grads you speak to will say that graduation and the end of uni came up far faster than expected. University quite literally FLIES by. I remember starting third year back in September saying to myself that this was going to be the hardest year of my life to date, and whilst this is more than true, the opportunities and experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of this year could not have been foretold.

I’m studying (well, have nearly finished studying) a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Science. To name just one of the ‘happenings’ of third year; for the first 3 months of 2018 I ended up teaching science to Year 5 children in a Primary School (yes, I know, doesn’t really make sense) but, the experience was very eye-opening.

Anyway, revision for exams is very nearly over and Graduation is less than 3 months away [LESS THAN 3 MONTHS WHAT!?]. It feels like only yesterday when I moved into University halls and started off on my uni adventure. Now, obviously graduation is quite an exciting time, and thus I was pretty thrilled to receive this ADEXE watch as a graduation gift and thought I’d give it a lil’ review for you (and you might get one as a graduation gift too?!).

I was kindly given the option by ADEXE  which watch I received. I went for the Meek-Petite Marshmallow watch. I don’t own a white watch and a white watch can never let you down so it seemed perfect.

All watches come with a 3-year warranty (hand written model number how cute!!) so you’ll have no issues if for some reason it becomes damaged.

The watch is fairy small, smart and clear. I’ve worn it with several different outfits thus far and it has not clashed with any of them (like I said, white goes with pretty much anything!!). The size is perfect, it doesn’t feel like a weight, nor does it look out of place once on the wrist. It was such a lovely surprise to receive and I’d seriously recommend it as a gift for a loved one (or just a friend if you’re that sweet!).

ADEXE have been kind enough to provide me with a 15% discount code for my readers – by entering ‘BETHHEDDLE15’ at the checkout you should receive 15% off!

Which watch is your favourite?

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