Fun, Free Activities to Keep you Fit This Summer

Summer can be a rather expensive season. Not because it necessarily demands so much money, but rather because it’s so much to do outside once the temperature is pleasant. If you’re tired of sitting around in the same old city, you might blow away all your savings on that trip to Italy; you need to get a stunning outfit for those dozen party invitations, and so on. Summer is carelessness and freedom to roam around as we please, and the budget cracks every single time.


But not this year! Oh, no – this year will be different. Here is a handful of fun activities you can enjoy this summer which are almost free and will get you fit at the same time. It’s everything you ever wanted.


For a light exercise: Go hiking


The great thing about hiking is that you can make it into whatever you please. We sometimes think about hiking as an activity for those past 50, preferably as a part of a larger group of other middle-aged people, and always with a walking stick and ankle socks.

Luckily, you can enjoy a hike around your own neighbourhood if you feel like it, pick some flowers, explore the wildlife in your nearest park or take on a pleasant 15-minute hike to the nearest pub – with or without the walking stick.


It’s the kind of stuff that will convince your friends to come along as well, by the way, and you can even get your kids (or those who are kids at heart) to join if there’s a chance of catching some Pokémon along the way. It’s for free and you need nothing more than your legs and perhaps a pair of good shoes.


For a medium exercise: Go cycling


If you are too impatient for walking, you might as well bring your bicycle along. No other season is as suitable for cycling as the summer, no matter what those hard-core winter cyclers have to say. Pack some lunch, find a nice trail, and cycle somewhere you’re allowed to set up a campfire.

It’s a good idea to look into an affordable insurance such as Velosure, though, if you’re planning on going off-road and remember to make everybody wear their helmets. Dress in layers if you’re going on a longer trip so that you can peel one off when you get too warm and put it back on when it’s time for lunch.

For a hard exercise: Go climbing


Climbing is all the rage lately and people are gearing up to climb mountains all over the world. The great thing about this activity is that you can turn it into a full-time hobby by exploring the world, enjoying nature’s beauty, and getting incredibly fit at the same time.

Admittedly, it’s not completely free – and you may want to treat yourself to a course before you walk off into the forest. Climbing gear can be confusing, so read up on it here if you’re interested and convince your daring nature friends to come along.


Every season has something beautiful to offer, but few are as comfortable and pleasant as the summer weather. Enjoy it now, while you can, and get ready for rainy camping trips and slippery slopes in the autumn.

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