Save Money on Travelling: 5 Top Tips

Second only to flights, accommodation is one of the biggest costs of travelling. If you’re trying to travel on a shoestring, it could be time to ditch hotels and try a few alternative forms accommodation. Here are just a few cheap accommodation ideas to consider.


Stay in hostels

Hostels are much cheaper than hotels due to the lack of luxuries – most rooms come with beds, sockets and wi-fi access and that’s about your lot. Many people also get put off by the idea of sharing a room with potential strangers, but there are some hostels where you can have your own room. Hostels are great places to meet fellow backpackers if you’re travelling solo – some may contain bars, restaurants and large lounge areas. It’s worth always reading reviews online so that you have some idea what to expect.


Try homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation involves staying with a local family in their home. It’s a great way to experience living life in another country. On top of you own room, you could get authentic home-cooked meals every night as well as the opportunity to gain local knowledge of which you won’t find in a travel guide. You’ll want to book this accommodation well ahead – there are many sites where you can browse through homestay opportunities.



Bring a tent

Another option could be to camp in a tent. Campsite fees are a very cheap – you could even consider wild camping for free if you’re daring enough. This is obviously better suited to more rural travel than urban travel and may be a little too extreme for some people who feel a bed is a minimum requirement. It’s worth finding a lightweight tent such as a swag that won’t be a pain to carry around if you’re backpacking – you can find more info on these tents online. You may also want to bring other supplies like a lightweight sleeping bag and pillow.


Look for campsites with cabins and chalets

If carrying around a tent sounds like too much of a chore, you can still make use of cheap campsite fees by using some of their on-site alternative accommodation options. Most campsites have cabins, chalets or fixed caravans for people to stay in. It’s a little pricier than renting a tent pitch but a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, plus you get a bed and possibly a bathroom and cooking facilities too.


Opt for a hotel on wheels

If you’re planning a roadtrip, you could always sleep in your vehicle. By choosing a car that’s big enough, you can give yourself enough room to lie down and sleep in it. Size is important as you’ll also need room to store your belongings – a humble two-door hatchback is unlikely to be appropriate. That said, you may be able to add extra storage space with a roof rack or a trailer. Caravans and camper vans are the ultimate investment, but for those looking for a quick budget travel option these may not be suitable.  


How do you save money travelling?


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