The Pizzas Revolutionising The Free From World

Pizza is one of those things that I can honestly say I wish was normally gluten free, and I don’t say this very often. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible that there are SO many restaurants these days offering gluten free pizza options and this is great….but, they’ll never be quite* the same as the normal versions. Let me know in the comments where your favourite gluten free pizza is from – mine has to be Pizza Express!

The same also applies to making a pizza at home, I often find myself making them at home instead of choosing to eat them out. However, taste-wise things have made a little turn in the right direction when it comes to eating pizza in rather than out..

No Dough Pizza Co was recently set up at a factory in Lincolnshire where the team produce fresh gluten-free pizzas made with a predominately cauliflower base (how cool!). All four types are gluten free, two are vegetarian and one of their pizzas is even vegan! Because of this cauliflower base, the pizzas are a slightly lower-calorie alternative to the ones with a wheat-based dough. They’re so simple to bake – 8-10 minutes in the oven and booom it’s done!

The fact the base is made of cauliflower also means that you’re getting in one of your five-a-day from the pizza itself! The thing I love about this pizza is that it TASTES amazing. Typically gluten free pizzas can be quite dry and same-y, but No Dough’s base is moist (don’t overcook it!) and flavoursome.

I’ve paired the pizzas with salads, bbq veggie kebabs, stir fries and it’s gone well with all of them! One thing I did find was that the base can stick to the dish very easily in the oven so do make sure you pick a pan wisely!

So far, No Dough is available at Sainsburys, Asda and The Co-Op but I am sure it’ll be in more stores very soon! Have you tried them yet?!

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  1. Phillip Tyrrell
    July 8, 2018 / 5:28 pm

    Have to agree with you on the Pizza Express as fav. It does help that I go out drinking with most of the kitchen staff at my local. Talking to them really helped remove any fears I had. Haven’t tried the no dough yet tend to go for Sainsburys Pepperoni. I add some chopped peppers and sweet corn for a personal touch. Picked up a recipe at the free from show yesterday for pizza dough that I am going to try.

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