Getting back into it….with Clean Performance Nutrition

It’s been a busy old few months. I’ve travelled the country, worked my socks off but more importantly I’ve been prioritising spending time with friends and loved ones when I’m not at work. It’s reached that point

I’d just re-joined a gym that I manage to go to about once a week when Clean Performance Nutrition asked how I was and whether I needed a top-up on protein. Having been out of the game for some time I thought not only would it be a great opportunity to try a new whey brand, but it would inspire me to try and find some more time to do exercise.

Clean Performance Nutrition state that they are all about “self-care, happiness and helping women accomplish their goals toward leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying fitness.” I think this resonates so much with the reasons I personally exercise. I want to keep fit, but also enjoy exercise and use it to release stress and keep me happy. Their ethos also promotes the fact they believe the most effective formulas are created with few quality ingredients, which I couldn’t believe more. There are so many ‘healthy’ products out there absolutely jam-packed with chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

Clean Performance Nutrition have a variety of different products on offer, I opted to try their whey and vegan proteins. I thought rather than just trying them the moment I received them that I’d go for a 10-minute run to make it seem a bit more ‘normal’ to have a protein shake.

First up was the vanilla whey. I tend to mix protein with semi-skimmed cow’s milk, rice or oat milk (I find gluten free oat milk in Tesco’s). this time it was cow’s milk. It’s a very fine whey that mixes in really no time at all making it perfect for those in a hurry (aka very much me). It doesn’t taste grainy or too sweet and is perfect for a post-workout pick-me-up!

Next up was the strawberry whey. I don’t’ actually think I have ever purchased strawberry protein powder before so this really was quite exciting. The flavour is subtle but strong and as with the vanilla whey, isn’t in the slightest grainy. The protein forms a very smooth silky texture which is very pleasant and quite refreshing too!

Personally, my favourite is the vanilla whey! For those vegan or dairy free bunnies out there the vegan whey is pretty amazing too so it is definitely worth a shot (or a least a mention on the Christmas list!).

To find out more about Clean Performance Nutrition and their women’s range head to:


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