Surviving Christmas as a Coeliac

Starting to get worried about the festive food you’ll be consuming over the coming month? Don’t be. 

I have laughed and eaten my way through 21 Christmases so far as a Coeliac, admittedly about five of those I was too young to remember, but I’m fairly experienced now with regard to scenarios pretty much 99% of the coeliac population face at Christmas.

Here are my top tips to keep you gluten-free this Christmas.

  • Check the supermarket shelves and food packaging labels well in advance. When you’re not in a rush next time you’re in Sainsbury’s, have a look what products are gluten free so you have an idea before the madness hits.
  • Follow gluten free bloggers on Instagram and Facebook for new product arrivals ready for the festive season.
  • Pack snackeroos! I can’t stress enough how useful this is. Simply adding a packet of rice cakes, an apple or a snack bar such as SoGud will keep you sane in an emergency.
  • Accept that somethings just can’t be gluten free, and that some gluten free products won’t taste as great as the gluten containing equivalent. Unfortunately thus is life? If you pick a fight or get down it will help nothing. Try and take or ask for food you know you love.
  • Don’t say no to meals out because of the requirement for gluten free food. Call the restaurant up in advance and clearly explain what you cannot have, it takes less than 5 minutes and will make you feel so much happier.
  • Worried about cross contamination? Only stick to food you KNOW is gluten free. Might seem a little too cautious but it’ll save a potential vomming sesh.
  • Enjoy it. Christmas only happens once a year!!

I’d love to know if you have any tips on getting through the festive period without getting ‘glutened’! Please share below!

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