Four foods from Veganuary you MUST try (even if you are’t vegan!)

Now, before you all gasp and start asking why I’ve been eating dairy, eggs and meat this January, I’ve not gone Vegan.

Although as I say I personally haven’t gone Vegan, I am consciously trying to make an effort to eat less meat, dairy and other foods that impact the environment hard. Being a coeliac makes this slightly* more tricky because I cannot eat a lot of vegan alternatives, but I’ve risen to the challenge and I think I’m actually doing quite well.

The press has suggested that ‘optimum diet’ we should use to ensure we can feed the planet sustainably for the future is high in nuts, legumes, vegetables and foods like that. It recommends that fish, eggs and meat are consumed in small quantities. If you’d like to read the BBC News Article, click here.

Trying new foods and recipes is something I’m well known for, so I’ve invested time into trying vegan/vegetarian foods (that are also gluten free). If I’m honest, a few REALLY surprised me, like REALLY[!!!!] surprised me and that’s why you need to try them.

Holland & Barrett Natural Soya Protein Chunks

I’ve got a lot of vegan friends. They drink a lot of Soya milk and eat a lot of Soya protein/mince. I thought it was about time to give it a go. It’s a strange food, this. You end up soaking it and ‘bringing it back to life’ like a sponge. The first time I used it I had a big stir fry – apparently you can eat it as it is once it’s been soaked but I thought I ought to fry it as well with some sauce.

I was so surprised. It’s got a chicken-like consistency and actually tastes quite good! I’ve had it numerous times with stir fries and casseroles and I still haven’t finished the bag (not because I dislike them, as I say I really love them, you can just yield so much from one pack because they expand in the water)!

These are both fab for coeliacs and vegans and won’t break the bank. Try them here.

SoGud Flapjack Bars

I’m a big big fan of SoGud bars. Think healthy flapjack that keeps you going when dinner is three hours late or your meeting is running behind. They’re vegan and gluten free and are fabulously high in fibre.

Fibre is so important in the diet which makes these the perfect on the go snack. Read more about why you should include fibre in your diet here.

SoGud’s ethos is one I personally preach too:

“Healthy eating is all about consistently making good food choices. It involves choosing foods high in nutrients while avoiding empty calories.” 

These bars come in five different flavours so you’re bound to find one that suits your taste buds! They are available to order online here.

Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! Cumberland Shroompups

Admittedly I came across these running around Sainsbury’s at about 9pm one night in search on reduced food. I’ll say it now though, they are a GAME CHANGER.

These sausages are gluten free, vegan and dairy free. They’re fab in stir-fries, in a bap, in a casserole or the slow cooker. With an RRP of £2.00 they’re not badly priced either!

They taste so much like normal sausages that most would probably mistake them for pork ones. These don’t really ‘sizzle’ like normal sausages but they keep their firm texture and aren’t oily. Do you enjoy a good ‘ol sausage? Give them a go here.

Promise Gluten Free Vegan Loaf

Promise Loaves only reached supermarket shelves in the last few years. I’ve been a fan of their brioche loaves and rolls ever since they first came out, but hadn’t actually tried this one before.

This loaf of bread is the softest gluten free bread you have ever seen, no kidding. I stood in Sainsbury’s in utter shock when I first found it. It is £2.40 RRP which for most would be a bit pricey for bread, but if you’re a coeliac/vegan you’ll know the pain of expensive food.

It makes fab toast and sandwiches that don’t go too dry. It’s a nice loaf but I’ll reiterate that it’s quite small. Check out the loaf here.

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