I should probably start this post with an apology. Sorry. I’ve been MIA for far too long and whilst I should probably be writing my dissertation draft (which was due yesterday), I’ve decided this post was far too overdue.

Were you aware that it snowed?

So. We are a quarter of the way into 2018 and I honestly can’t tell you how fast it is going. Since returning to University I have been teaching science in an absolutely lovely Primary School in Sutton Coldfield (okay excluding the very early starts in the morning, sometimes persistant “Miss Heddle please can you do this, Miss Heddle I can’t do it, Miss Heddle I’m confused” and teacher-prep life it has been fantastic). Studying Biomedical Science I really never thought I’d end up teaching in a school on placement, but here I am after 9 weeks of teaching with oooooodles of data, memories and finally a chance to sit down and get writing on that dissertation.

Prior to injuring my hip last week I’ve spent the term focussing on leg day. Many know how much I love squats (someone the other day suggested I should change my Instagram handle to @bethheddle_squats but I think that is a tad too far!) and quite frankly I’d been having a ball in the gym. Usually I’ll train legs twice – once a heavy-weight low-rep session and the other a light-weight high-rep session, alongside a shoulder sesh once a week and a run or bike one other day. I’ve found that 4 sessions a week is quite enough whilst juggling #teacherlife and (trying to) maintain my sanity. Injuries are a way of your body asking for a rest, so that’s what is currently happening (much to my disappointment).

It was also Medball!

Obviously I still spend a large amount of time eating peanut butter, tagging people in memes and eating Ben and Jerries with Ali, but as final year draws to an end my priorities have been far more work-centred which finally explains my absence.

I have a few exciting projects lined up for Easter (alongside revision ofc lol can’t forget that) which is exciting, but until this diss is handed in, I’ll be a tad invisible. If you didn’t get involved in National Bread Week last week check out my post about gf bread!

As part of National Bread Week I joined @deliciousalchemy by making some GF bread for the first time in far too long🍞 The last time I ate homemade bread must have been when I was about 10, because back then you couldn't buy gluten free bread. I remember the dry, flat loaves my Dad and I used to make that were as white as snow and, to all my friends, pretty odd and cardboard-like. Although the GF fad is somewhat frowned upon, the one thing it has done is brought about awareness of the lack of GF food available, and as a result companies have acted on it and started producing more GF food. I have three favourite brands of GF bread – @deliciousalchemy, @bfreefoods and @warburtonsgf. I will admit GF bread will never be as good as the normal stuff, but there's no point in wishing it was better if it can't be changed. These brands have done so well to even produce bread that doesn't fall apart when a knife touches it and even for that I'm grateful❤

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Hope your 2018 has too started off with a bang!!

Much love xox

Aaaand the monthly highlight was when my favourite took me to London for the day and it was soooooo lovely ❤

New Balance Kit

As autumn caves in and evenings get darker, the temperatures have started to lower and we’ve had our first few frosts. Morning and evening runs are getting chilly to say the least and my latest kit favourites are from New Balance. Not only is the colour scheme faaaaantastic, but it’s super comfy. The leggings have a high drawstring waist band and the lower leg is mesh to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when you heat up.

The trainers are probably my favourite part – they are lightweight, go with almost anything and are cushioned well around the forefoot. The kit can be found here.

Aftershokz Wireless Earphones

It was only recently that I started to listen to music on the run and in the gym and it was clear that finding a pair of earplugs/headphones to fit me was not easy. I came across Aftershokz initially in a running store over the summer and decided to give them a go. They don’t actually sit in your ear which allows you to still hear traffic and those around you, they’re wireless which means no wires flapping around (wooo!!) and they’re waterproof (perfect for heavy sweaters or runs in the rain!). They also don’t flap around or move once on the head which makes them perfect for people that ‘bob’ whilst running! The Aftershokz range can be found here.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Until recently, I’ve been a Garmin girl. I went from the FR85 to the FR220 to the FR235 over very little time. However, now that I am less focussed on the running and mix up my fitness routine both in the gym and on the roads it seemed a great time to try out a different brand. This Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR looks dashing and I love the clock face feature. With smart watch features, an amazing gps feature and clear display I’ve fallen for it. I honestly had no idea how I would find this watch but it has exceeded expectations massively. It records heart rate via an LED on the back of the watch face and has different settings for different activities (including weightlifting!!). If you’re a fitness guru I’d definitely recommend giving this watch a go!

Metal Straws

It’s been increasingly in the news lately about the damage caused by plastic. Zanna Van Dijk is also very hot on this and after following her social channels for a few years now I decided to join the hype and invest in some metal straws. They’re not cheap…£15 for 4, but they’re reusable and look pretty sick. They come with a handy little cleaner and they’ve won me over. The metal straws I got were from Urban Outfitters although they are sold in most main supermarkets.



Sport FX Cosmetics Face Mist

Put your hand up if you struggle with the make-up/dripping/sweat fiasco🙋‍♀️🏃‍♀️ As gross as it is, people sweat when they hit the gym. It happens. It happens to all of us. [Most] girls also wear make up. We all know the equation👉 sweat + make up = ✋🐼💦🙈 Now I recently came across this new make up brand designed specifically for those into sport @sportfxcosmetics as I'd seen the likes of @chessiekingg using and ravinggg🤹‍♂️🎉about it. Soooo I gave it a go. THIS SETTING SPRAY IS THE BEST THING EVER🥇 If you wear make up to the gym or not this spray is so good at keeping it all on your face and not running down your neck🙈😂 Give it a go~you won't regret it😉 . #NOTsponsored#sportfxcosmetics#makeup#gym#sweat#girlswholift

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Well, I think my post says it all. If you want your make up to stay on and don’t fancy breaking the anyone’s bank, put this on your Christmas list 🙂


B xx

Twice now I have visited a ski resort in the summer. To most, this seems rather bizarre. Ski resorts…are for skiing, right?


Most of us picture ski resorts plastered in snow, Christmas lights and full of amateur skiers having their annual Christmas break. Well, it’s not winter all year round and there are in fact mountains that lay beneath that snow. When it warms up and summer comes around these beautiful mountains are exposed and the resort completely changes.


After various trips to the mountains, both in the UK and abroad, I was quite excited about the prospect of going to a ski resort in Austria during the summer. Now obviously we wouldn’t be skiing, but there is so so much to do instead. We visited the town of Mayrhofen, a 2 hour coach journey from Innsbruck.

Temperatures during the day sat around 30oC and towards the peaks of the mountains dropped to around 17-20oC.


Just a few things you can do in the mountains:

  • Climb the mountains, or part of them. Ski lifts still run (which does feel very strange) so you can easily get a lift half way up and climb the rest.
  • Find a roller-coaster. Yes, a roller-coaster. We were lucky enough to find a roller-coaster down one of the mountains a few towns away from us which was pretty awesome.
  • Visit an outdoor pool! Temperatures do get surprisingly high and everyone loves a day by the pool!
  • Explore the town. Just like any other town, ski resort towns have shops too. Meals out allowed us to enjoy the culture too.
  • Go paragliding! One of the main sports in the mountains during the summer other than mountain biking is paragliding. Although it’s far from cheap, it’s an incredible once in a lifetime experience!

Another benefit of visiting a ski resort during the summer is that you’re well fed. They’re used to catering for very active individuals and the never-ending food doesn’t stop when summer comes along. Dinner regularly had 5 or 6 courses!!


The sights are also incredible. Think about how beautiful the mountains look dusted in snow, and how they’d look full of bright colours, crystal blue lakes and green grass. Mayrhofen is definately worth looking into if you’ve never been (I’m not joking, we loved it enough to go again the following year!).


Have you ever been to a ski area during the summer?


B xxx

Whether you take photos with a phone, compact camera or DSLR, more times than not there’ll be something you want to change about it. It might be the exposure, contrast or the temperature of the shot but you’ll never end up editing a photo the same way twice. When it comes to editing software, I’ve experimented with a few but have found VSCO app to be the deal breaker.


I am far from a photo editing expert, in many ways I’m the opposite. If you asked a group of people to edit a photo they would all edit the photo in a different way and the end result would be totally different, if you asked someone to edit the same photo twice they would also be slightly different. When it comes to photo editing there is often no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to edit a photo, as long as you don’t over edit then you’re likely to end up with a pretty decent shot.

Before Editing

After Editing

As I mentioned, I use VSCO and the key tools I look for to edit a photo are as follows:


  1. Contrast and Highlights

By increasing the contrast of an image you’re brightening the highlights and defining and slightly darkening the shadows. Typically, high contrast photos exhibit a brighter, happier type of photo. In most cases, by increasing the contrast of a photo, you’ll make the photo bolder and are likely to attract more attention to it’s features. The next thing I look for is strength of highlights exerted by the image. Strong contrasts tend to look better with bright lighting; increasing the highlights separately from overall exposure will not only lighten the image but will keep the shadows looking dark and well defined.


  1. Sharpness

The sharpness (or acutance) of a photo, to put it simply, is a measure of how clear and detailed the objects in the image are. I like photos to be pretty clear – blurred or fuzzy photos are generally a poorer quality and are less attractive.


  1. Temperature

I like my photos to fit the season; this means warmer yellow colours in the summer and bolder blues in the winter. I often find that photos can vary depending on time of day and position and therefore being able to change the temperature is so useful. Increasing the temperature towards yellow will make the photo feel a little more summery whilst decreasing it will fit the winter more. I don’t have an exact number that I always stick to with this, it really depends on the individual photo and it’s purpose.


  1. Saturation

Saturation is also affected by the contrast of the image. A stronger saturation will make colours bolder/deeper. I leave this tool towards the end of the editing process as increasing the saturation too much can leave photos looking totally over-edited.


  1. Exposure

The final step for me is to edit the contrast. Usually I increase it very slightly, but it really depends on what editing you have already done. I like photos to be bright as it warms up the photo and gives it a happier feel.

Before Editing


After Editing


What apps do you use to edit photos?

B xx

Choosing a university can be daunting, even if you’ve had siblings go through it. Every University is different, it’s a place where you’ll build yourself, gain independence, become a little too familiar with your alcohol limits and (hopefully) set a firm foundation for your future. If you choose to live away from home like the majority, you’ll live with friends who are likely to become friends for life. Quite a lot of people have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a University or Universities that they should consider so this outlines few factors that you might want to take into consideration when looking at which one would be best for you.


First things first; the course. Most people would agree that this is one of the most important things about deciding on where to study. Using the UCAS website course finder you and take a look at the sort of courses you’re likely to find interesting. For example, if you wanted to study maths it would be a good idea to start working out roughly but realistically what grades you’re likely to achieve at A Level, search for maths degrees using their search tool and filter out some universities. Get an idea about the sort of content included on the courses and what you’d find interesting. When looking for a course, make sure you’ve got a passion for it. You’ll be spending 3 (or more) years studying it intensely and if it’s of no interest you’re really going to struggle. Also consider the course size and teaching/assessment methods – if you like smaller group teaching with essay based assessment, don’t choose a huge course with exam style assessment!

UCAS Search Tool

Another factor to look at is the location of the University and their grounds. How far do you want to be from home? It’s all well and good wanting to be 5 hours drive from home but it will limit the number times you can go home or have parents visit for a day. When looking at Uni’s I didn’t want to be more than 3 hours from home so create a rough 3 hour radius limit around home which narrowed down the number of Uni’s I could look at. The University grounds are also important – do you like the feel of it, can you ‘picture’ yourself here? Would you prefer a campus Uni with everything all in one place, or would you rather a City university spread out slightly more.


Aside from the course, are there other things the particular University can offer you such as sports clubs? For me, sport is a big part of my life and therefore having decent sporting facilities and training spaces was an important factor. If you’re an aspiring musician then are there adequate societies/orchestras for you? Although you’re at Uni to study, there is plenty of time to socialise.

BUCS (British University/College Sport) Cross Country Championships 2016

University accommodation, especially in first year, is something you might want to consider. Are the halls situated a convenient distance from the University? Are there en-suites/shared bathrooms, self-catered or catered? It’s a good idea to have in mind what type of accommodation you’d like. In first year I was self-catered with an en-suite (I wouldn’t have minded a shared bathroom though) and it was perfect. Make sure you’d feel happy living there – it will become your home for a significant proportion of the year! Also have a look at the prices – unfortunately it can be expensive and different types can range in price.  From second year onwards people tend to rent houses in the local town with friends which is a fun but scary experience.

Not quite my average post, but last night was quite a milestone in my uni life😂 It's only taken 376 days of university to make it 'out out' to Broad Street🎉🎊 (the main clubbing street in Birmingham) and not even that…but I went to 2 clubs🙈🎉 . Fancy dress theme was Peter Pan and this was my attempt at 'Tiger Lily' whilst @lydhallam rocked the 'Lost Boy'🙌🎊 . This was also a 110% sober night out and I will happily say I had a fantastic time. I'm told quite often that going out sober is the worst thing ever but quite frankly it's not. Don't get roped ino drinking if you don't want to…I can assure you it'll still be a great night (without the added hangover!) . . . . . . . . . . . #food#foodporn#leanin15#foodie#hbloggers##fit#fitness#balance#iifym#athlete#healthylifestyle#health#healthy#runner#l4l#recovery#fuel#bbg#clubbing#model#fancydress#uni#club#nightout#wildnight#hot#love#goals#team#peterpan

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BOOK AN OPEN DAY! This definitely was the one of the deciding factors for me. I visited 4, applied to 3 of them and 1 other. It’s so different to see the University in person that read about it in a prospectus! Speaking to people actually studying at the Uni is also very important. As much as the Uni open day is helpful, you may not quite gauge what student life is actually like (after all they are trying to ‘sell’ the Uni to you).


My final piece of advice is don’t be scared or worried about it. Speak to friends that have been to different Universities and find out what they liked/disliked about it. Whatever University you end up at will give you a new experience. You’ll gain independence and if you’re struggling there is always someone there to help. University so far has been the best years of my life and I think part of the reason for that is how much I love the University of Birmingham itself.

Follow me on Instagram for an insight into University life. For a ‘Vlog’ of a ‘Day in the Life’ at the University of Birmingham, please head over to my youtube channel!

Feel free to drop me any questions! Hope this helps with your search for a Uni!!