The Edgbaston Hotel is a luxury Boutique Hotel and Cocktail Lounge in the outskirts of Birmingham. Alongside the usual impressive hotel facilities, there was a beautiful tea room which can be booked for special occasions and private parties.

To celebrate Charlotte’s 20th Birthday we headed here as a group of 8 for an evening of afternoon tea; leaving utterly impressed is an understatement. With a large white and welcoming entrance, from the moment we set foot on the driveway we knew it was going to be something special. It was fairly busy when we arrived but we were lead in by the waiter and sat along the far wall. Although we were in a corner we were still able to capture the relaxed atmosphere.

As you can see, the tables were laid out beautifully. We were handed the menus which gave us the option of either a standard or luxury afternoon tea, but also included a huge range of both hot and iced speciality teas. With drink refills free when accompanying the afternoon tea we were able to sample quite a few. Around half of us chose to start with normal tea whilst the others decided upon one of the beautifully presented iced teas.

To start the food, we were presented with chocolate mousses topped with a lime and lavender sorbet. These were brought to us with dry ice which was pretty amazing! That was the first time I’d seen dry ice used in a restaurant and it was a lovely way to start the experience.

Following this, we were each brought our own selection of filled sandwiches, toasts with overflowing toppings and delicately designed desserts. With another Coeliac in the group as well as myself I was confident that they’d provide a good gluten free equivalent to the normal menu – even laid out on a slate it looked exceptional. Not only was the presentation perfect, the rolls weren’t dry and you could just tell that so much delicacy had been put into creating each little dessert.

The desserts selection included an almond macaron, a rhubarb cream pudding and a rum, coconut and chocolate truffle – the macaron has to have been my favourite; with a thin layer of cream in the centre it just tasted divine! To finish, we were given some AMAZING scones. These are probably my highlight of the afternoon tea – usually gluten free scones are small, dry and a little dull, these however were flavoursome, moist and, when filled with oodles of cream and jam, tasted out of this world (I wasn’t the only one that thought this)!!

For £25 a head we were truly satisfied – if this hotel had been in London I think it would have cost us a lot more! The waitresses were very efficient, caring and we had such a lovely evening.


Thank you to The Edgbaston Hotel for an amazing evening. This post was not sponsored and all views and opinions are my own.

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Photos were taken with a Canon 750D fitted with a 18-55mm lens.

As quite an active person, I wear considerably less make up than most people my age. I was never really into wearing make-up until Sixth Form as we weren’t allowed to wear it at Secondary School and as I’d usually spend the evenings working or running it was pointless to put it on.

My view on wearing make up has somewhat changed in the last few years – honestly I now rarely go a day without wearing it. As every girl will know, it takes time (and sadly money) to find the right shades, colours and styles to suit you, usually to find that when you return from a holiday you end up having to find darker make up for the following 2 months to fit the tan you got!!

I get quite a lot of my make up inspo from my sister, along with youtube videos and make up tutorials – I can honestly say quite a high proportion of the times I try it I don’t get it right.

So, as inexperienced as I am with make up, here is what I use and personally recommend:


  • Clinique Superfine Brow Liner – I first use this to draw the outline of my brows. I have the ‘soft brown’ colour and it’s perfect and not too intense.
  • hd Brows Palette – I first came across the palette in a Latest in Beauty Box for Christmas a few years ago and it has kept me going to date! Inside it has 4 shades of brown, ranging from light to dark and it fits the bill perfectly. I use this to shade inside the brows after using the liner to draw the outline.
  • Bare Minerals Eye Shadow in Nude Beach and Sex Kitten. I only use these 2 colours and layer them up to create a fade from one to the other. They’re so versatile and can be used as a bold or light shadow.

  • MAC Eyeliner – I use this liquid liner as it gives such good precision and maintains a bold line until it runs out. My previous eyeliner was also really good too – it was a Maybelline liquid liner.
  • Clinique Mascara – I honestly have no preference on what mascara I use. It is the make up I use the least as I shower a LOT and taking it off is something I don’t have time to do. This mascara is great – it leaves your lashes looking so long, doesn’t turn them into a globby mess and stays on for a long time (almost too long haha).


  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer – it took me around a year to finally find a foundation that a) matched my skin colour, b) lasted all day and c) actually looked natural. I went to the Clinique counter in Selfridges to get a few samples before I committed to buying an entire bottle (these things aren’t cheap). To cover your face you only need one ‘swipe’ of foundation what I love is that you only need one application all day. I often put it on when I get up and even after working out it stays on until I take it off in the evening. It looks natural and rubs into the skin so easily. I actually use the lightest colour you can find as I have quite pale skin and use it sparingly.
  • Clinique Concealer – I use this on the odd occasion to cover blemishes when I don’t wear foundation. The applicator has a brush tip and therefore you don’t even need a brush to apply it. So far it has lasted me 4 months…
  • Max Factor X Creme Puff Pressed Powder – this pressed powder is AMAZING. I usually apply it immediately after applying a layer of foundation so that it ‘sticks’ and stays on slightly longer. It’s the perfect colour and stops you looking ‘shiny’ from applying foundation.
  • Maybelline Bronzer – I apply this bronzer to my cheek bones after the pressed powder so I don’t look quite so white washed. It adds a nice tint to the face and is really useful for photoshoots to enhance the colours of the face.


Most of my brushes are from Real Techniques (I use the expert face brush for foundation, the Blush brush for foundation and the Shading brush for eye shadow). Although you can buy these as a set, I bought them individually over the last few years.

  • The Expert Face brush is perfect for applying foundation, I know this isn’t the main purpose for this brush but I find it doesn’t leave streaks or brush marks across the face or leave half the foundation on the brush rather than the face.
  • The Blush brush is perfect for gently tinting cheeks -it’s also uber soft.
  • The Shading brush is a great for putting on eye shadow – it’s fine tip means that you don’t smudge colours and can easily create fades/cat eyes.

I also use the Bare Minerals Blender Brush for when I apply the shimmer shadow as I find I need a slightly larger brush to apply it. It’s so soft and works well when it comes to layering the colours up.

Obviously everyone will have their individual preferences and favourites – these are the ones I have found to work well for me! What make up do you use?

This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photos were taken with a Canon 750D fitted with a 18-55mm lens.

My ultimate dream is to travel the world – this may be a tad ambitious, but as someone once told me, if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Instagram is one of the platforms where I get my travelling enthusiasm from – about a quarter of the accounts I follow are travellers, travel bloggers and accounts showing beautiful photos from around the globe.  I’ve rounded up my favourite travelling Instagram accounts below if you’d like some travel inspo too!

  1. @dametraveler – #dametraveler’s photography is incredible. She takes breathtaking photos and isn’t short of iconic photos.
  2. @suitcaseandi – I absolutely love the mountains and currently Chelsie is trekking through Peru where she is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.
  3. @nastasiaspassport  – I love the style of all Nastasia’s photos, all unique but well set up.
  4. @gypsea_lust – this is probably my all time favourite Instagram account. I rarely go a day without seeing one of her photos and dreaming that one day I might visit the beautiful place where the photo was taken.
  5. @worldwanderlust– another one of my favourite accounts purely for her style. She also visit’s some spectacular places and is always fill of inspiration.
  6. @girlsborntotravel – this account is an account that shares photos from 
  7. @polkadotpassport – Nicola’s creativity is second-to-none, her photos are incredible and her blog is also fantastic!
  8. @theblondeabroad – Alongside her Instagram, Kiersten also vlogs and blogs all her experiences! Well worth a visit if you’re in need of some new destination locations!

If you were given a trip of a lifetime tomorrow for free, where would you go?

B xxx

Macro/calorie tracking, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the drill. You track all the food/drinks you consume to the gram and use an app or website such as myfitnesspal to add it all up for you. The more premium sites will break down the macronutrients into carbs, fats and proteins and allow you to set personal daily targets. Tracking macros is commonly used by bikini fitness competitors, weight lifters and can be used as a weight loss tool.

After seeing various fitness/insta friends track their macros (all for very valid reasons) I decided to do it for a few days and see what it was like. The reason I don’t track macros is that I don’t feel I need/want to restrict my diet that much – I’m not actively trying to lose/gain weight and I try to maintain a balance with my life, spontaneously eating what I want when I want. I believe that eating should be a pleasure, not a chore or hassle.

Here are my thoughts having tracked for 3 days:

  1.  Tracking macros takes a lot of time and effort. Weighing things out into exact portions and entering them into the app isn’t a quick task….especially when you’re used to just chucking dinner in a pan and getting on with it.
  2. Staying under your daily sugar target is tough. Most foods with some form of carbohydrate in them contain sugar, but macro tracking makes you realise just how much. Fruit, drinks and even snack bars have surprisingly large amounts in!
  3. Reaching your protein goal is very hard!! When you consider that my protein target is roughly 125g and there is 6g in an egg….you see the problem.
  4. Snack bars are very high in sugar – even the ‘healthy’ ones.
  5. You start to obsess over measuring even the tiniest of things, like 10ml of milk for tea. Normally I just pour milk in my tea without faffing – this made making a simple cup of tea into a 5 minute task.
  6. Reaching your RDA for vitamin A and C is so easy. I snack on carrots a lot and carrots contain high levels of both these vitamins.

Personally, although I found it interesting to see the macro break down of the food, I feel it would be unecessary to do it long term – I very much prefer to be spontaneous with food and not have to worry about whether I’ve gone over or not hit my target. Most of the exercise I do is cardio based and therefore it is also far less significant to track macros.

For more info on tracking macros, check out some articles from Ben Coomber. If you decide to track macros, t’s always best to seek professional advice to help you work out what your personal ones would be otherwise you could get them incredibly wrong!!!

B xxx

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK after London, with a population of over 1 million. Home to various Universities including the University of Birmingham it is filled with people of all ages and cultures. With a profound Central Station, it is easily accessed by train and by car. A day will not pass without something to do here, why not take a visit?

Boston Tea Party

Start your day off with a delicious breakfast/brunch at Boston Tea Party. Located in either Corporation Street or Harboune it’s easy to find and has a menu you won’t be able to resist. From Eggs Royale to a Full English, from Pancakes to Salads, they’ve got a hearty breakfast in store. Not to mention the large choice of teas, coffees and freshly baked cakes on offer!

Redpoint Climbing Centre

Why not test your strength with some bouldering at Redpoint Climbing Centre? Redpoint has a huge bouldering centre, full weird and wonderful routes for all abilities. It’s impossible not to enjoy yourself here – with cheap prices too you’re bound to have an amazing time without breaking the bank!


The Bullring is well known for it’s large array of shops. Whether you’re after some high end shopping in Selfridges or would prefer to dwindle in and out of more ‘high street’ type shops they’ll be somewhere for you. Along with the shops, there are also the famous Birmingham Markets too selling huge amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables at more than reasonable prices! There are plenty of restaurants and cafe’s for regular tea and coffee breaks so don’t be afraid to bring the boys!

Explore the Local Parks and Canal

The Canal that runs from Brindley Place down towards Edgbaston and the University of Birmingham is beautiful all year round. Not only will you have a refreshing walk but you might get some fabulous photos too!

The Mailbox

Whilst you’re walking along the canal stop off for a meal at the Mail Box. It’s full of fine dining restaurants along with some more well-known chains like Nandos, Zizzi and Pizza Express. If you’re lucky enough to visit in the winter, the beautiful lights and canal view make it the perfect spot for a date.

If you’ve got any recommendations on places to visit in Birmingham please let me know, there are still plenty of places I am yet to explore! Don’t forget to subscribe to post notifications on the right ->>>

B xx