Twice now I have visited a ski resort in the summer. To most, this seems rather bizarre. Ski resorts…are for skiing, right?


Most of us picture ski resorts plastered in snow, Christmas lights and full of amateur skiers having their annual Christmas break. Well, it’s not winter all year round and there are in fact mountains that lay beneath that snow. When it warms up and summer comes around these beautiful mountains are exposed and the resort completely changes.


After various trips to the mountains, both in the UK and abroad, I was quite excited about the prospect of going to a ski resort in Austria during the summer. Now obviously we wouldn’t be skiing, but there is so so much to do instead. We visited the town of Mayrhofen, a 2 hour coach journey from Innsbruck.

Temperatures during the day sat around 30oC and towards the peaks of the mountains dropped to around 17-20oC.


Just a few things you can do in the mountains:

  • Climb the mountains, or part of them. Ski lifts still run (which does feel very strange) so you can easily get a lift half way up and climb the rest.
  • Find a roller-coaster. Yes, a roller-coaster. We were lucky enough to find a roller-coaster down one of the mountains a few towns away from us which was pretty awesome.
  • Visit an outdoor pool! Temperatures do get surprisingly high and everyone loves a day by the pool!
  • Explore the town. Just like any other town, ski resort towns have shops too. Meals out allowed us to enjoy the culture too.
  • Go paragliding! One of the main sports in the mountains during the summer other than mountain biking is paragliding. Although it’s far from cheap, it’s an incredible once in a lifetime experience!

Another benefit of visiting a ski resort during the summer is that you’re well fed. They’re used to catering for very active individuals and the never-ending food doesn’t stop when summer comes along. Dinner regularly had 5 or 6 courses!!


The sights are also incredible. Think about how beautiful the mountains look dusted in snow, and how they’d look full of bright colours, crystal blue lakes and green grass. Mayrhofen is definately worth looking into if you’ve never been (I’m not joking, we loved it enough to go again the following year!).


Have you ever been to a ski area during the summer?


B xxx

The Edgbaston Hotel is a luxury Boutique Hotel and Cocktail Lounge in the outskirts of Birmingham. Alongside the usual impressive hotel facilities, there was a beautiful tea room which can be booked for special occasions and private parties.

To celebrate Charlotte’s 20th Birthday we headed here as a group of 8 for an evening of afternoon tea; leaving utterly impressed is an understatement. With a large white and welcoming entrance, from the moment we set foot on the driveway we knew it was going to be something special. It was fairly busy when we arrived but we were lead in by the waiter and sat along the far wall. Although we were in a corner we were still able to capture the relaxed atmosphere.

As you can see, the tables were laid out beautifully. We were handed the menus which gave us the option of either a standard or luxury afternoon tea, but also included a huge range of both hot and iced speciality teas. With drink refills free when accompanying the afternoon tea we were able to sample quite a few. Around half of us chose to start with normal tea whilst the others decided upon one of the beautifully presented iced teas.

To start the food, we were presented with chocolate mousses topped with a lime and lavender sorbet. These were brought to us with dry ice which was pretty amazing! That was the first time I’d seen dry ice used in a restaurant and it was a lovely way to start the experience.

Following this, we were each brought our own selection of filled sandwiches, toasts with overflowing toppings and delicately designed desserts. With another Coeliac in the group as well as myself I was confident that they’d provide a good gluten free equivalent to the normal menu – even laid out on a slate it looked exceptional. Not only was the presentation perfect, the rolls weren’t dry and you could just tell that so much delicacy had been put into creating each little dessert.

The desserts selection included an almond macaron, a rhubarb cream pudding and a rum, coconut and chocolate truffle – the macaron has to have been my favourite; with a thin layer of cream in the centre it just tasted divine! To finish, we were given some AMAZING scones. These are probably my highlight of the afternoon tea – usually gluten free scones are small, dry and a little dull, these however were flavoursome, moist and, when filled with oodles of cream and jam, tasted out of this world (I wasn’t the only one that thought this)!!

For £25 a head we were truly satisfied – if this hotel had been in London I think it would have cost us a lot more! The waitresses were very efficient, caring and we had such a lovely evening.


Thank you to The Edgbaston Hotel for an amazing evening. This post was not sponsored and all views and opinions are my own.

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Photos were taken with a Canon 750D fitted with a 18-55mm lens.

My ultimate dream is to travel the world – this may be a tad ambitious, but as someone once told me, if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Instagram is one of the platforms where I get my travelling enthusiasm from – about a quarter of the accounts I follow are travellers, travel bloggers and accounts showing beautiful photos from around the globe.  I’ve rounded up my favourite travelling Instagram accounts below if you’d like some travel inspo too!

  1. @dametraveler – #dametraveler’s photography is incredible. She takes breathtaking photos and isn’t short of iconic photos.
  2. @suitcaseandi – I absolutely love the mountains and currently Chelsie is trekking through Peru where she is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.
  3. @nastasiaspassport  – I love the style of all Nastasia’s photos, all unique but well set up.
  4. @gypsea_lust – this is probably my all time favourite Instagram account. I rarely go a day without seeing one of her photos and dreaming that one day I might visit the beautiful place where the photo was taken.
  5. @worldwanderlust– another one of my favourite accounts purely for her style. She also visit’s some spectacular places and is always fill of inspiration.
  6. @girlsborntotravel – this account is an account that shares photos from 
  7. @polkadotpassport – Nicola’s creativity is second-to-none, her photos are incredible and her blog is also fantastic!
  8. @theblondeabroad – Alongside her Instagram, Kiersten also vlogs and blogs all her experiences! Well worth a visit if you’re in need of some new destination locations!

If you were given a trip of a lifetime tomorrow for free, where would you go?

B xxx