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Four foods from Veganuary you MUST try (even if you are’t vegan!)

Now, before you all gasp and start asking why I’ve been eating dairy, eggs and meat this January, I’ve not gone Vegan. Although as I say I personally haven’t gone Vegan, I am consciously trying…

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Banana and Flaxseed Loaf [GF + Vegan]

This is probably the simplest, most moist banana bread you will EVER taste. It’s got a banana punch with a hint of coconut and will leave your taste buds craving more. The recipe takes about…

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Sweet potato & red pepper Buddha Bowl [GF+VEGAN]

Summer is coming and I’m so so soooo excited. Not only do I have a heap of adventures planned, but I start full time work (lol don’t laugh but I’m very excited as I’ve found…

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